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4 U.S. Counties Poised for Explosive Growth in Construction Aggregate Demand

Stuart BurgessMarket Analysis

When it comes to the construction aggregate industry, knowing where to focus your attention and resources can be half the battle. Thanks to exclusive data from Dodge Construction Network, and rigorous analysis on the Mineralocity Aggregates platform, we’re spotlighting four U.S. counties where future demand for construction aggregates is poised to skyrocket.

Grayson County, Texas

Total Projects: 92

Total Valuation: $30 Billion

  • Wide Infrastructure Projects: 1 ($5 Million)
  • Local Infrastructure Projects: 14 ($38.73 Million)
  • Local Non-Residential Projects: 77 ($29.99 Billion)

Grayson County is a hidden gem, with a total valuation of $30 billion in potential projects, setting the stage for immense construction aggregate demand in the near future.

San Bernardino County, California

Total Projects: 991

Total Valuation: $20.37 Billion

  • Wide Infrastructure Projects: 6 ($439 Million)
  • Local Infrastructure Projects: 40 ($519 Million)
  • Local Non-Residential Projects: 945 ($19.4 Billion)

San Bernardino is a hive of construction activity with almost a thousand projects valued at over $20 billion. It’s a potential goldmine for construction aggregate suppliers.

Maricopa County, Arizona

Total Projects: 2,319

Total Valuation: $106.64 Billion

  • Wide Infrastructure Projects: 70 ($887 Million)
  • Local Infrastructure Projects: 202 ($901 Million)
  • Local Non-Residential Projects: 2,047 ($105 Billion)

In Maricopa, the numbers are staggering. With a colossal valuation exceeding $106 billion, this county is on the cusp of unprecedented growth in construction aggregate demand.

Cook County, Illinois

Total Projects: 710

Total Valuation: $77 Billion

  • Wide Infrastructure Projects: 28 ($347 Million)
  • Local Infrastructure Projects: 166 ($422 Million)
  • Local Non-Residential Projects: 516 ($76.2 Billion)

Cook County’s diversity in project types and a valuation of $77 billion make it a hotbed for construction aggregate demand, ranging from infrastructural to non-residential projects.

Construction data provided by Dodge Construction Network. The most comprehensive commercial construction project listing in the industry and premier provider of construction data in the United States and Canada. Visit DCN at

This invaluable data has been exclusively analyzed on the Mineralocity Aggregates platform and mapped out for every U.S. county to forecast future construction aggregate-intensive projects—projects that haven’t yet started but have a high likelihood of occurring.

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