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About Us

Our why

We aim to educate, advocate, and promote aggregate projects that help keep our infrastructure robust and healthy.

“I’ve always been driven by a powerful and inspiring purpose – to create a better, more sustainable future by advancing the synergies between humanity and nature. This conviction is at the very core of our company, guiding every decision we make and shaping the way we approach our work in the mineral resource and aggregate industries.”

 Chris Summers, Chief Financial Officer of Burgex Mining Consultants

Meet the Team

Meet the people that make Burgex the best team of mining consultants you can ask for. They have  combined experience and knowledge spanning decades, covering every aspect of the mining industry.

Picture of Stuart Burgess

Stuart Burgess

Chairman & Co-Founder of Burgex Inc.

Stuart Burgess has been involved in the mineral exploration and mining industry for over a decade through his work with Burgex and Mojave Underground, as well as many other industry businesses. Stuart earned his expertise while assisting in hundreds of mineral exploration and mining projects. He is now recognized as a thought leader in the industry and has brought a new light of innovation to the Burgex team with new services and ideas.

Picture of Crystal Burgess

Crystal Burgess

Co-Founder & CEO of Burgex Inc.

Crystal started the company with abandoned mine exploration and slowly built up services over the years. Has worked in the field on staking, sampling and underground programs. Her currently role is marketing and assisting the CEO's in achieving revenue goals, bringing in new business and ensuring clients are receiving the best service possible.

Picture of Chris Summers

Chris Summers

Chief Financial Officer

Chris has evolved from senior analyst to leading the company through its initial growth stage as CFO. He earned his Master of Business Administration at Westminster College and his bachelor’s in accounting at Utah State University. Chris spent time at Rio Tinito and was among those responsible for the valuation of some of the world’s largest known mineral deposits.

In this down time he loves to travel with his wife and spend time at their house in Mexico.

Picture of Amanda Burgess

Amanda Burgess

Compliance Manager

Amanda has experience as an auditor for 8 years at a microbiological testing lab for medical devices. Her natural attention to detail, prior experience, and education help to ensure every document Burgex generates is the absolute best product our team can produce. Amanda has combined her passions for domestic mining and customer service to deliver the most value to our clients time and time again.

Picture of Bill Schnieders

Bill Schnieders

Director of Sales and Business Development

Bill is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Mining Engineering. His introduction to the mining industry was as a general inside laborer working underground. From there, Bill had a long successful career in the Mining and Mineral Processing Division at Nalco Water. His work experience spans almost four decades and covers all the major mining segments in multiple locations across the US and western Canada. Bill comes from a culture of providing high level technical support and value driven programs to his clients. He is most proud of all the partnerships he has had the opportunity to develop with key mining organizations and individuals throughout his career.

Picture of Dan Christensen

Dan Christensen

Mining Engineer

Dan has experience in several branches of mining such as hyperspectral imaging, GIS and geologic field work. He has a fascination for marine mining and its engineering and environmental challenges. He holds a degree in mining engineering from the University of Utah, with an emphasis in geomechanics and spatial analytics.

Having spent his youth exploring national parks, camping and rockhounding, Dan has a strong love of nature, oceans and mining. He spends his free time with his wife Madi and French bulldog Betty.

Picture of Jake Tanner

Jake Tanner

Lead GIS Developer

Jake Tanner holds a degree in Geospatial Science and Technology and has primarily worked as a GIS Analyst in telecommunications, oil and gas, and the mining industry. His work has spanned from generating geospatial data visualizations to excel information dashboards. Additional experience includes 5 years as an accounting clerk in asset management. He is passionate about learning new technologies and techniques to improve workflows and decrease time costs. Jake is an asset to the Burgex team and brings an innovative spirit and a talent for process optimization. His most recent work as a GIS Developer / Analyst for Burgex has played a key role in becoming an architect for the Mineralocity Platform.

Picture of Jenny Deems

Jenny Deems

Mineralocity Aggregates Team Lead

Jennifer is a creative mind that thrives in a competitive, fast-paced environment. She brings the highest level of customer service to our clients every day. Jennifer has experience in event and design planning and coordination as well as leadership and management skills. She is passionate about being part of the collaborative team here at Burgex and is always looking for creative new strategies for developing and building team growth.

Picture of Savannah Bommarito

Savannah Bommarito

GIS Analyst

A Pacific Northwest transplant, Savannah Bommarito holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geology, Masters of Science in Natural Resource Management, and is in pursuit of a doctoral degree in Geography focused on reconstructing past records of climate, vegetation, and fire in the west desert of Utah. With a diverse background in GIS, remote sensing, and natural resource work, she is able to contribute to projects both in the office and in the field. Savannah is most passionate about the understanding and mitigation of anthropogenic drivers contributing to climate change.

Picture of Tauqir Sheikh

Tauqir Sheikh

Technical Lead | Project Manager

Tauqir holds a Software Engineering degree and has over 20 years of Software Architecture, Development and Dev-Ops experience. He specializes in building SaaS applications with extensive datasets and high loads. He is also a successful Entrepreneur with extensive leadership and management experience. In the past, he has worked on and built highly scalable platforms/micro-services and helped architect solutions for applications with extensive integration and load requirements.

At Burgex, Tauqir works with the Team to build and maintain Mineralocity ( our SaaS Application). He is passionate about being part of the Burgex family and is always striving to simplify problems and finding solutions to complex workflows.

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