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Mineralocity serves as a powerful, all-in-one market intelligence tool that streamlines data access, analysis, and decision-making for customers in the mining industry, allowing them to stay competitive and make strategic choices based on accurate and up-to-date information.


$2,999/ Six Months

$4,999/ Year (17% off)

Additional Users: $594/Six Months

$1,118/ Year

Our core Mineralocity platform will save you thousands of dollars annually in market research. Mineralocity contains broad annual production estimate ranges and valuable economic data. Updated regularly with new data.


Experience the unrivaled power of the only platform that has meticulously mapped every commercial mine across the United States, encompassing construction aggregates, precious metals, base metals, critical minerals, coal, industrial minerals, and more. This package contains data sets and layers that we produce and update regularly.



Mineralocity Aggregates

$5,394/ Six Months

$9,709/ Year (10% off)

Additional Users: $1,194/ Six Months

$2,388/ Year

All the data to massively accelerate your market analysis efforts. Mineralocity Aggregates subscribers will have the most advanced market analysis tool available to the construction aggregates industry.


This package contains many proprietary  interactive layers that we produce and update regularly including refined estimated annual production ranges for every commercial operation in the U.S. 



Mineralocity Enterprise 

Pricing Based on Specifications

Mineralocity Enterprise allows clients to maximize the value of the program’s market intelligence. As a partner with Burgex Mining Consultants and Mineralocity, an Enterprise subscription will allow you to combine or utilize our market data for separate GIS platforms or internal analysis. 

Collaboration with the Burgex Team will maximize the Mineralocity market intelligence data with easy access to reserved consulting time to support special projects, greenfield, and M&A opportunities as well as support sales and suppliers with specific market metrics.  It will also give partners early access to updated new data sets.


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