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Nationwide Market Intelligence

Mineralocity Aggregates is a cutting-edge platform offering comprehensive market intelligence and land data for the construction aggregate industry. Designed for user-friendliness, it condenses complex market analysis and land research into an accessible tool for all clients, from industry novices to seasoned experts. This powerful resource enables users to explore growth opportunities, enhance operations, and boost profitability in a demanding market.

Developed by Recognized Industry Experts
Actionable Market Intelligence
High Resolution Maps

Discover Mineralocity Aggregates Innovative Features

Mineralocity Aggregates
Quarry Visualization: Accurately locate quarries, complete with estimated production and product details including sand, gravel, crushed stone, lime, and cement plants or terminals.
Dodge Construction Network: Identify potential opportunities with revenue values for aggregate-intensive capital projects, covering infrastructure and local non-residential projects.
ReGrid Parcel Data: Offering comprehensive nationwide parcel ownership details, this extraordinary feature significantly bolsters property exploration, thus accelerating and enriching your strategic acquisitions
Map Viewer: With a total of 24 layers available, you have the flexibility to customize your map viewing experience. You can turn on one layer at a time or overlay multiple.
Burgex Population Forecast: Providing a forecast of county population changes is invaluable for long-term planning and predicting potential market growth.
Suitability/Opportunity Grid: This tool provides a high-level view of the potential for new operations, helping companies identify lucrative opportunities.

A Leader in the Industry

As the first commercial platform to include detailed information on over 7,000 U.S. aggregate producers, Mineralocity Aggregates delivers critical insights. Each producer’s data includes mine name, controller, operator, production category and type, estimated annual production, and direct rail or barge access. We employ a refined model using labor hours, proprietary formulas, and extensive databases to calculate production estimates, ensuring unparalleled accuracy through regular audits and updates.

The future of aggregate recycling. The mineralocity team tours a new CDE plant

What our Customers are Saying

Stephen Ward
Business Development Director
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We have been using the Mineralocity Aggregate system from mid-2022 and it has been the perfect tool for Breedon US to help identify where to focus our attention in building out our 3rd platform here in the United States. The information at hand allows us to identify many different important criteria in a much more manageable timeframe so we can quickly make informed decisions on certain markets and the market trends. The team at Mineralocity have also been engaged and responsive to any questions and any support needed over the last several months. Burgex Mineralocity are continuing to review and add other functionality to the system providing even more detailed and useful market data.

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