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The Titans of the Aggregate Industry: Top Aggregate Producers in the US


The aggregate industry is an essential part of America’s infrastructure. With every road, bridge, and building, aggregates—such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone—are required to lay a solid foundation. The production of these aggregates is a significant business in the United States, with companies competing fiercely for their share of the market. In this article, we delve into the top aggregate producers in the US, spotlighting the companies that lead the way in each state and examining the heavyweights that dominate the industry on a national scale.

Construction Aggregate Heavyweights

The latest data from Mineralocity Aggregates reveals that certain names appear recurrently as top producers across multiple states, earning them a notable place among the top aggregate producers in the US. The following is a breakdown of how frequently each of the major players has secured a top-three position among aggregate producers in various states:

Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC – Second Place with Syar Acquisition 

  • Number of Top-Three Appearances Across States: 12 (15 with Syar Acquisition)
  • Notable States of Dominance: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas
  • Recent Acquisitions: In 2022, Vulcan acquired Syar Industries Inc., further expanding its foothold in states such as Arizona and California.
  • Insight: Vulcan Construction Materials has cemented its role as an industry titan, consistently producing massive quantities of high-quality aggregates.

Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. – Neck and Neck with Vulcan  

  • Number of Top-Three Appearances Across States: 12
  • Notable States of Dominance: Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Colorado
  • Insight: Martin Marietta Materials, with its strategic reserves and commitment to quality, is a significant force among the top aggregate producers in the US, securing a prominent place in numerous states.

CRH PLC – The Reigning Champ 

  • Number of Top-Three Appearances Across States: 22
  • Notable States of Dominance: Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
  • Insight: As a global building materials company, CRH PLC maintains a strong presence in the U.S., particularly in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, where it is a leading producer of aggregates.
Honorable Mention – Holcim 
  • Number of Top-Three Appearances Across States: 6

These companies, due to their extensive operations and aggressive growth strategies, have a remarkable standing across multiple states. Whether through the acquisition of smaller companies, like Vulcan’s 2022 purchase of Syar Industries, or through organic growth and superior operational efficiency, these heavyweights are shaping the landscape of the American aggregate industry.

A Regional Perspective on the Top Aggregate Producers in the US

In the South: Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC is a leading producer among the top aggregate producers in the US, dominating in states such as Alabama, Florida, and Texas. This company alone produced over 29 million tons of aggregate in Texas and over 31 million tons in Georgia.

In the Midwest: Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. stands as a dominant force among the top aggregate producers in the US, with the top rank in states like Iowa and Nebraska, producing over 16 million tons in Iowa alone.

In the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: CRH PLC, a global building materials company, takes a leading role among the top aggregate producers in the US, particularly in states like Connecticut, Delaware, and New Jersey

What Drives the Success of These Titans Among the Top Aggregate Producers in the US?

There are several factors at play here. These companies have secured extensive reserves of high-quality materials, sophisticated processing technology, strategic locations near growing markets, and a longstanding reputation for reliability and quality. In addition, these giants often engage in acquisitions, thereby extending their reach and capacity, and solidifying their status among the top aggregate producers in the US.

The Implications of the Dominance of the Top Aggregate Producers in the US

The dominant position of these companies has implications for both the industry and consumers. Their extensive operations can drive efficiencies and innovations that may benefit the end-users of aggregates. However, their dominance also raises questions about competition and the ability for smaller players to thrive in this vital sector, which is so heavily influenced by the top aggregate producers in the US.

A Glimpse at Local Players

While the industry giants play a significant role, it’s essential not to overlook the local or regional producers who are critical to their respective states. For instance, HC&D, LLC is the top producer in Hawaii. Syar Industries Inc was a leading producer in states such as Arizona and California until its acquisition by Vulcan Construction Materials in 2022. This acquisition is a recent example of how top-tier companies are expanding their footprint, often by absorbing successful local and regional operators.


As America continues to grow, so does its need for aggregates. The titans of the aggregate industry—Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC, Martin Marietta Materials, Inc., and CRH PLC—are at the forefront of this demand, producing millions of tons of aggregates to support the construction of roads, bridges, and buildings across the nation. They are not just major players; they are among the top aggregate producers in the US.

However, the landscape is as diverse as the country itself, with local and regional producers playing a significant role in their respective states. As the industry evolves, it will be fascinating to see how these companies, including the top aggregate producers in the US, adapt, innovate, and continue to build the literal foundation of America.

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