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05 Jul, 22

Mineralocity Aggregates New Updates & More

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With the successful launch of Mineralocity Aggregates, our GIS team is in the process of generating added visuals and data layers that give context to geo-related population influence, market competition and newly acquired information pertinent to the aggregate industry. Some of these visuals will be launched and included within our current Mineralocity Aggregates subscriptions; other major data points and layers are coming in the near future. Current subscribers will automatically gain access to these layers, which will be released with planned updates.

Now is the time to benefit from this “early bird” offer! The demand for Mineralocity Aggregates has been massive; with such high demand, the team has found it necessary to cap the current rate structure at the first 100 subscribers, and to increase prices. The future fee increase will not affect subscribers who have already locked in the “early bird” offer. With several producers, suppliers and others embracing Mineralocity Aggregates we are excited for what the future holds for our users.